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Last updated- 12/03/2003
World Cup in Ekaterinburg



MANAGEMENT-COMMITTEE, elected 14/12/2002

Alexandre Piratinsky Alexandre Piratinsky (Ekaterinburg) President, Head Coach
Iouri Scurlatov Iouri Scurlatov (Moscow) Vice-President
Eugueni Levin Eugueni Levin (Ekaterinburg) General Secretary
Vladimir Malamid Vladimir Malamid (Voronezh) Head of the Coach Commission
Oleg Plokhikh (Ekaterinburg) Head of the Judge Commission
Roudolf Rouiga (Krasnoyarsk) Coach of the Russian National Team
Vladimir Kaourov Vladimir Kaourov (Sankt-Petersburg) Coach of the Russian National Youth Team
  Galina Kouzmina (Moscow) Team director
Vladimir Netsvetaev
Vladimir Netsvetaev (Moscow) Mass media relations manager
   Alexandre Kayatchev (Moscow) member
Alexandre Sergeyev (Moscow) member
  Dmitri Bytchkov (Moscow) member
  Serguei Stepanov (Ufa) member
  Valeri Trushnikov (Moscow) member
  Alexandre Khoroshikh (Sankt-Petersburg) member
  Alexei Tchertov (Kaliningrad) member

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