European Youth Championship 2021 in Russia: preview and live
5 мая 2021

European Youth Championship 2021 in Russia: preview and live

European Youth Championship will take place since the 1st of May till the 5th of May.

The competitors will be the strongest climbers from 14 to 19 years of age. 299 athletes from 19 countries will be competing for awards.

This is the biggest continental competition for young athletes. They have been organized under the auspices of the European Council of International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) since 2012. This is the third time the tournament has been held in Russia. The previous European Youth Championship was held in Voronezh in 2019.

   Video broadcasts of the European Championship will be organised on the official YouTube channel of Climbing Federation of Russia.

Timetable of broadcasts (MSK)

2nd May (Sunday)

8:45 Semi-finals. Youth B.

14:15 Finals. Youth B.

7:45 Semi-finals. Youth A & Juniors. 

14:45 Finals. Youth A & Juniors.

17:00 Awarding ceremony.

3rd May (Monday)
9:00 Qualification. Youth B. 

11:15 Qualification. Youth A.

13:30 Qualification. Juniors. 

17:30 Finals. All groups. 

19:15 Awarding ceremony.

5th May (Wednesday)
9:45 Semi-finals. Youth B.

14:45 Finals. Youth B. 

Bouldering .
7:00 Semi-finals. Youth A

8:45 Semi-finals. Juniors. 

14:15 Finals. Youth A

16:30 Finals. Juniors.

19:00 Awarding ceremony.


The organisers of European Youth Championship 2021:
- the European Council of International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC)
- Ministry of Sport of Russia
- Climbing Federation of Russia
- Ministry of Physical Education and Sport of the Perm Region
- Perm Region Children and Youth Public Organization "Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing”
- Sports complex named after. V. P. Sukharev

The competition will take place at a new rock climbing complex in the Sukharev Sports Complex's multi-purpose arena. It includes the highest indoor climbing wall in Russia (19.5 metres). The infrastructure was upgraded at the end of 2020 with the participation of the Russian Olympians Foundation and the Russian Climbing Federation. To date, the new climbing facility has hosted only one tournament - the Russian Youth Championship 2021. It was a test event before international competitions.

The competition will take place in three disciplines – bouldering, lead, speed.

Also the strongest athletes will be rewarded in Combined. They will be determined by individual discipline performances without finals.

General sponsor of the European Youth Championship 2021: Russian Railways.
Partners of Climbing Federation of Russia: RedFox, Barkli, Skalodrom.Ru, TOP POINT.
Media partners of European Youth Championship 2021: VKontakte, ENERGY radio station.